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Paces is software for green infrastructure developers to identify the best places to build and manage their projects.

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Our features

Paces is obsessed with helping developers increase the number of projects they work on that reach NTP by:

Save time

The system is designed to save the average renewable developer months of time spent on site selection and due diligence.

Higher quality

Paces finds the best places to build projects combining interconnection, permitting, zoning and environmental data.

Best in class data

Our best in class and up-to-date data is aggregated from hundreds of sources and combined with human collected datasets.

How it works

Paces pulls together data from 100s of sources to enable you to find and evaluate the best sites fast

Step 1

Parcel Search helps users select the most important criteria to their development strategy


Step 2

Leverage grid capacity, buildable acreage, ownership categorization and ITC credits


Step 3

Generate a list of ranked parcels with the most important attributes in minutes


Step 4

Export any list in the formats you need from KML to CSV. We do not restrict exports


Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of projects do you support?
Paces supports any climate positive projects, but really shines with +1MW renewables! Our primary customers are developers and consultants focusing on green projects, such as utility scale solar, distribution scale solar, C&I rooftop solar, battery storage, onshore wind, EV charging station, carbon sequestration, and data center.
How easy is Paces to use?
A typical user will be able to get a mailer-ready list of parcels that fit their criteria from Paces after a 30 minute online training session. 
Where does your data come from?
Paces ingests data from hundreds of sources, we use a combination of automated and human based methodologies to collect and aggregate data. 
If I have my own data, can I use it on Paces?
Yes! On top of the built-in core datasets Paces provides, you can upload custom datasets for Parcel Search and data visualization. We support most data formats, including but not limited to xls, csv, kml, kmz, gdb, geojson, etc. We even support online digital maps and PDFs. 
Will my own data be shared with other users?
The custom datasets you uploaded will only be available to you and your team, no other organizations or customers will have access to them. 

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