June 3, 2022

Paces Joins Y Combinator Summer Batch 2022

Today we are delighted to announce that this summer we joined the current S22 batch in Y Combinator.

Today we are delighted to announce that this summer we joined the current S22 batch in Y Combinator — the world’s best startup accelerator! We are chuffed that the YC partners found Paces so compelling as we work towards our mission of enabling more green infrastructure to be profitably built, faster and in the right places.

It’s an honor for us to become a YC-backed Climate startup and stand alongside such notable alumni as Stripe, Airbnb, SeaBound and Zapier, to name a few.

Our YC 12-week journey starts in two weeks, but already we have been given amazing insights from our YC partners on growth, product and fundraising strategy. As a team, we love the unvarnished truth, and the blunt but fair way that YC delivers feedback has been really great.

We want to thank the whole YC team, our partners and mentors for this amazing opportunity!


James & Charles

Co-founders of Paces

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